Coastal/Lanai Series:

Q. What is the difference between a Lanai a Coastal?
A. Our Coastal Series is designed for Full Exposure which protects it from getting wet whereas our Lanai Series are designed for under-cover usage and can not get wet. Both models however are protected against humidity and salt-air.

Q. What do the Coastal Series TVs protect against?
A. Our Coastal Series TVs are protected against many elements which include salt-air, humidity, snow, rain and dust.

Q. What is the IP rating of the seal that is used on the Coastal Series TVs to weatherize?
A. The IP rating for our TVs are as follows:
* Residential models - IP55
* Ecoviews and ProLoc - IP65

General Q&A

Q. Is shipping included with the custom weatherproofing price?
A. Shipping is not included to nor from our location. Price will vary depending on where you are located. If interested, we can use our shipping account to provide the best quote.

Q. What is the shipping time for a product?
A. The average shipment times for each product are as follows:
* Residential Models – 7 to 10 business days
* Commercial Models – 1 to 3 business days
* Industrial Models – 1 to 3 business days
* Accessories – Same day shipping

Q. How do I clean my Outdoor TV?
A. We strongly suggest cleaning your unit with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches from appearing on your screen per our warranty. Do not use alcohol based solutions to clean the unit. “Sprayway” is a product that we have had promising results with to effectively remove debris, however, water will work just fine as well. Lanais do not protect against water so use precaution when cleaning this model to prevent water from getting into the TV.

Q. How to become a Sealoc Dealer?
A. Complete and submit the Online Dealer Application located under the tab “For Professionals” to “Dealer Application” or see attached link:

Q. How long does it take to become a dealer?
A. Once the Dealer Application has been submitted the application will be reviewed and generally approved in 1-2 business days.

Q. I have a question on my order, who should I talk to?
A. You can live chat with one of our customer service representatives by clicking the chat icon at the bottom of our website. You can also call us at (972) 525-9800 or email at .

Q. How do the locks on the mounts work?
A. It is a key-locking mechanism for safety precautions and also serves as a theft-deterrent.

Q. I have lost the remote to my TV, whom should I contact about this?
A. Please email or call our number at (972) 525-9800 so we may assist you further.

Q. Is shipping free outside of the USA?
A. Shipping is not included outside of the USA. Depending on where you are located shipping costs will vary.

Q. Do the TVs come with a clear film on the screen that needs to be removed after installing?
A. Yes, gently remove the plastic film off the screen once the TV is mounted.

Q. The Wi-Fi is not working on my TV. How do I fix this?
A. Try going to the settings and disconnecting, wait 1 minute, then reconnect. If this doesn’t fix the problem, please email or call us at (972) 525-9800.

Q. Do I need to use a GFCI Power outlet and an outdoor rated surge protector for my outdoor TV?
A. A GFCI Power outlet and an outdoor rated surge protector are required to protect your TV and ensure your warranty with Sealoc.

Q. Can you control the volume of the sound bar with your TV remote using the ARC connection or do you need to use the sound bar remote?
A. It depends on the TV and soundbar combination, but this is entirely possible using the ARC connection for some device combinations.

Sound Bar

Q. Does this sound bar have digital audio (fiber) inputs?
A. Yes, the SEALOC Sound bar SB621 features an optical port for digital audio.
Q. Does this work for any tv?
A. It should work fine. There are several different cords including optical.
Q. Does this sound bar have a headphone jack so that I can plug my phone into it to play music?
A. Yes, the SEALOC Sound bar SB621 features a 3.5mm analog jack for use with an auxiliary cable.
Q. Is the remote waterproof?
A. The remote for the SB621 comes with a semi-transparent removable silicone case to prevent water entry. It is removable so that the batteries can be replaced as necessary.
Q. What is the wattage for this sound bar?
A. The Peak Power System Rating for the SB621 is 160 Watts.
Q. What is the Bluetooth range on this sound bar?
A. The Sealoc Outdoor Sound bar SB621 utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 LE which has a maximum range of 100 meters. Our tests with multiple smart devices have an unobstructed range of 30-50 feet. Other Bluetooth devices may have a shorter or longer range with obstructions and Wi-Fi transmissions may limit this distance.
Q. Do you not need to seal or even use a runner gasket for the HDMI input? won’t water get in and cause issues?
A. A “fully sealed” HDMI port is not necessary for this application. The design of the sound bar as a whole, as well as where the power and audio input connections are made, does not require the use of sealed connections. When the provided silicone plug, or HDMI cord, is inserted into the HDMI port it does not allow water to enter. If the sound bar is mounted below a TV, even at an extreme forward angle, water will not pool and reach the connections.

Ecoview Series:

Q. Is this a Smart TV?
A. The Sealoc EcoView is not a smart TV however, it is compatible with streaming / smart TV devices. There is an enclosed bay on the rear of the unit where you can plug in your streaming devices and protect them from the elements.

Q. Is this TV Bluetooth compatible?

A. The Sealoc Ecoview is not Bluetooth compatible.

Q. How many HDMI inputs are on the TV?

A. There are 2 HDMI ports and 2 Display Ports on the Sealoc EcoView.

Q. How many Audio outputs are on the TV?
A. There is 1 Line out port, which is a 3.5mm analog jack.

Q. Is the USB Port Powered?
A. Yes, the USB port outputs has two 5V 1.5A. The USB ports are to provide power to third-party devices only (power Google Chromecast, Roku, Fire Stick), not for USB file drives.

Q. Does this tv have a built-in amplifier to allow for Sound Bar?
A. The only audio out is a line out through a 3.5mm jack. This should allow you to use any outdoor sound bar that can take a 3.5mm auxiliary cable input.

Q. Will this TV work with a stand vs a wall mount?
A. The Sealoc EcoView VESA pattern is a standard 600x400. To remain within your warranty, a stand may not be used. In an outdoor environment, wind can easily knock over tabletop stands.

Q. One remote?
A. The Sealoc EcoView can be used with universal remotes that have self-learning capabilities, as well as Logitech universal IR remotes.

Q. Does the EcoView come with a remote?
A. Yes, we provide a universal, self-learning, programmable remote control that can control other IR devices(such as blu-ray/DVD players, amplifiers, sound bars, etc)

Q. Is the sound quality loud enough?
A. The Sealoc EcoView has 2x 10 Watt, Marine-Grade weatherproof speakers built in. It is loud enough to fill a moderate outdoor space.

Q. How much does the TV weigh?
A. The Sealoc EcoView weighs 62.9 lbs., and the boxed-weight is 76 lbs.

Q. Measurement of the rear compartment?
A. The media bay is 350mm(width) x 190mm(height) x 60 mm(depth).

Q. Will a streaming device work if the rear panel door is closed?
A. The media bay cover is made from aluminum, but we have had no issues with WIFI or remote connectivity with the cover on the media bay. In high heat situations some third-party streaming devices may overheat. In this case, we recommend that the streaming device hang outside and below the media bay door, provided that the included Sealoc EcoView TV cover protects the third-party streaming device from the weather.

Q. Will I have glare?
A. The Sealoc EcoView screen is made of impact resistant, tempered glass which may cause some reflections of background objects. We recommend having a full-motion mount at certain times of the day to combat the brightness of the sun that causes glare on all TV screens.

Q. Is this a full-sun TV?
A. The Sealoc EcoView is designed for shaded and/or moderate ambient light environments only. It is not designed for extended direct-sun exposure.

Q. Is this an all-weather TV?
A. Yes. The Sealoc EcoView is IP65 rated and can cope with extreme temperatures, direct rain, salt-air, snow, and high humidity.

Q. How many hours per day of watching is this TV rated for?
A. The Sealoc EcoView is rated for 10 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Q. Is this TV easy to install? / Can I install it myself?
A. It is as easy to install as any other TV. We recommend this TV is installed with a minimum of two people.

Q. Can I use a Sealoc EcoView in a commercial environment (restaurant, bar, etc)?
A. The Sealoc EcoView is not a commercial TV. It is designed for residential use.

Q. Is there anything on this TV to service?
A. Yes, there are two user-serviceable air filters located at the bottom of the TV. We recommend you clean these air-filters annually, unless you live in a high-dust environment, then we recommend you clean these air-filters quarterly. Please refer to the service guide for maintenance.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about my Sealoc EcoView?
A. Please call 1-844-473-2562 and select option 2.

Q. Are there areas where I should not install my Sealoc EcoView TV?
A. Yes. Please do not install the Sealoc EcoView above with a fireplace without a six-inch mantle, next to outdoor heaters, inside spas or steam rooms, or within 12” or less from the ground.  Ensure the display has adequate ventilation.

Q. How do I protect my Sealoc EcoView TV from power surges?
A. It is required that the Sealoc EcoView be protected with both a GFCI power outlet and an outdoor rated surge protector. The Sealoc EcoView is not warrantied against power surges and power spikes.
Q. How do I clean my Sealoc EcoView TV Filter?
A. Filters should be removed and rinsed with clean, cool water once a year.  Let dry completely and reinsert into the display.  Never run the display with the filter removed.
Q. Can I repair my EcoView myself?
A. No. The Sealoc EcoView should only be repaired by an authorized service technician. Please contact Sealoc at 1-844-473-2562.

Q. Can I use any mount for my EcoView TV?
A. We STRONGLY recommend an outdoor rated TV mount like the Sealoc tilt or full-motion mount that is designed for full outdoor use, to prevent any potential safety hazards that may be result of corrosion and rusting of an indoor mount

Q. What if my EcoView TV stops working?
A. Please contact us at 1-844-473-2562.