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At Sealoc, our goals are simple.

1. Build the finest outdoor theater equipment possible.

2. Offer the best value in the outdoor TV Market.

3. Ensure our customers and dealers are not just happy, but raving fans.

Proudly hand-crafted in the u.s.a

All Sealoc TVs and outdoor audio/visual equipment are proudly hand-crafted and weatherproofed in our manufacturing facility in McKinney, TX. Our offices and manufacturing facility are in the same building, which means our teams work closely together to weatherproof and manufacture the finest outdoor televisions and outdoor theater accessories possible.

Sealoc Texas started with a single desire. Provide people with an affordable outdoor living theater experience that makes use of the latest technology, not putting TVs in a bulky, heavy box that makes it difficult to install, view or modularize. We knew there had to be a better way, so we researched and tested various ways to solve this problem. We found that nano-technology, along with some smart engineering concepts could provide a better solution for outdoor entertainment.

Sealoc outdoor TV lifestyle


At Sealoc, we use the finest nano-coating technology available, custom formulated to meet the demands of salt-air, salt water spray, high humidity, punishing heat and cold and just about anything else that ol' Mother Nature can throw your way. In the past, this technology was limited to military and aerospace applications, but today Sealoc is able to protect your products using this exclusive nano-coating process.

Our nano-coating conforms to every facet, chip and component on delicate electronics, providing a tough, weatherproof barrier. Moreover, our nano-coating has exceptional heat dissipation properties, yet provides an excellent barrier from external heat / cold sources too. This means that the circuitry in our TVs are more protected because of this. Lastly, our nano-coating material and process meets and / or exceeds some of the toughest industry testing. 

But, we don't stop there. For our Coastal and ProLoc series TVs, we treat the outside of the television in numerous different ways to ensure that the TV is well protected from the elements (dust, dirt, rain, etc.). These series of TVs are specially protected with weatherproof, UV-stable materials that match the color the TV making it virtually invisible. 

Because of our exclusive nano-coating capabilities and external treatments, you end up with an incredibly thin profile TV with natural viewing and sound capabilities, unlike that of TVs that are "weatherproofed" by putting them in a sealed box.


All of our Sealoc features are rolled into a unit that looks better, sounds better and performs better than the competition, all at a more affordable price. 

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.