ProLoc: Outdoor Commercial Display Options

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Designed to last in the harshest of environments and weather, while delivering blisteringly bright content, Sealoc's ProLoc line of commercial displays offer unique benefits and options such as: 5,000 NITs of brightness, IK10+ and IP65 protection, field serviceability, commercial grade-A+ LCD panels and components and an industry-best 3-year warranty. All while delivered in a sleek, progressive design.

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ProLoc: Commercial Displays

ProLoc: Commercial Displays

Industrial durability meets sleek design. With Sealoc's ProLoc line of commercial displays, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for longevity. 

With many models and sizes to choose from, our outdoor, weatherproof ProLoc commercial displays will provide you with many years of worry-free service all while delivering a bright, beautiful, vibrant picture and crystal clear sound. 

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  • Direct sunlight viewable (up to 5,000 NITS)

  • Field-serviceable design 

  • Parts availability 

  • 32" - 75" sizes available

  • 16x7 and 24x7 run-time options

  • Landscape and Portrait options

  • 4K UHD and 1080p HD options

  • IK10+ impact protection 

  • IP65 ingress protection

  • Isotropic blackout prevention

  • Industrial, Grade-A+ components

  • 3 year warranty (opt. 4 and 5 year)

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ProLoc: Extreme Cold Weather Testing

Sealoc leveraged the help of world-renowned testing experts, NTS, to create an extreme cold environment using a liquid nitrogen test chamber that would simulate many days of extreme cold temperatures. NTS placed multiple ProLoc  displays inside a large test chamber and took it from ambient room temperature (approximately 70ºF) and dropped it to an excess of -43ºF. Sealoc tested a ProLoc with and without its optional extreme cold-weather internal heater, and both survived 24 hours of -43ºF+ temperatures.

When lightweight, slim and technology-feature-rich options drive your commercial display needs, Sealoc delivers over 60 different commercial display models to match your business' needs. Using our renowned and exclusive conformal nano-coating, Sealoc treats the world's finest commercial displays using our exclusive processes to deliver a rich set of products. 

ProLoc:Nano Series Hospitality and Light Commercial Displays

Nano-Treated Commercial Displays

Sealoc's ProLoc nano-treated displays utilize the venerable, respected and high-quality LG commercial series of TVs and displays.


With over 60 model sizes to choose from, packed with LG's rich features, these nano-treated LG displays will solve nearly any commercial need for your business. 


From portrait or landscape displays, to hospitality TVs featuring LG's secure, innovative and respected Pro:Idiom content software, to large-scale video walls, Sealoc's ProLoc LG nano-treated displays are the right solution for your outdoor digital content needs.

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  • Lightweight and slim form factors

  • Available in both weatherproof (Coastal) and weather resistant (Lanai) formats

  • Pro:Idiom hospitality solutions

  • Built-in content management systems

  • 300 - 3,000 NIT options

  • 16x7 - 24x7 runtime options

  • Portrait and Landscape orientation

  • Remote and self-diagnostics capabilities

  • Secure communications and IP streaming protocol  

  • WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity

  • Pro:Idiom hospitality software solution 

  • Public Display Mode

ProLoc: Specialty Displays

Sealoc recognizes that every project is unique and every business has its own digital signage requirements, which is why we offer a multitude of specialty displays such as outdoor, weatherproof and high-bright kiosks, transparent displays, wayfinders, drop-in panels, frameless panels, direct view LED (DVLED) signage and much more. All of our specialty displays feature the same benefits that you've come to expect from Sealoc.

ProLoc: Specialty Displays

Sealoc offers a variety of specialty displays to suit nearly every need in the industry. From custom-manufactured high-bright, outdoor displays to billboards and jumbotrons. Contact us today to learn more about these specialty display options. 

  • Custom-manufactured displays

  • QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) / Drive-through digital signage 

  • Billboards

  • Video walls 

  • Jumbotrons / DVLED large signage

  • Kiosks

  • Wayfinders

  • Transparent displays

  • Portable / transportation displays

  • Nearly limitless sizes of displays to choose from 

  • IP54 - IP68 protection

  • Field serviceable designs

  • Multiple resolutions to choose from