How does our weatherproofing work?



At Sealoc, we use the finest nano-coating technology available, custom formulated to meet the demands of salt-air, high humidity, punishing heat and cold and just about anything else that ol' Mother Nature can throw your way. In the past, this technology was limited to military and aerospace applications, but today, Sealoc is able to protect your products using this exclusive nano-coating process.

Resized 2 Nano-coated Circuit Board

Our nano-coating conforms to every facet, chip and component on delicate electronics, providing a tough, weatherproof barrier. Moreover, our nano-coating has exceptional heat dissipation properties, yet provides an excellent barrier from external heat / cold sources too. This means that the circuitry in our TVs are more protected because of this. Lastly, our nano-coating material and process meets or exceeds some of the industry's toughest testing. 


Water penetrates electronic components and destroys unprotected parts.


Water is unable to penetrate electronic components. Our exclusive nano-coating prevents water damage from occurring.


Our exclusive nano-coating formula and processes went through rigorous internal and 3rd party testing to ensure it meets some of the most strenuous requirements. It meets both IP67 and IP68 dust and waterproofing requirements, which means the sensitive circuitry in your Sealoc TV is fully protected from dust and tested to perform even during torrential rain showers.

We also meet Underwriters Laboratories UL94 fire safety testing, as well as  IEC 60707, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60695-11-20, ISO 9772 and ISO 9773 standards.


For our Coastal and ProLoc series TVs, we not only provide the same exclusive nano-coating process that protects the TVs sensitive electronics, but we also treat the outside of the television in numerous different ways to ensure that the TV is well protected from the elements (dust, dirt, rain, etc.).

We start by protecting the exterior, seams and junction points with a weatherproof, UV-stable material that matches the color the TV making it virtually invisible. 

We also provide a special waterproof, flexible cover that protects the electrical and media connectors, ensuring that the elements are kept at bay. We further protect other areas such as the speakers with both nano-technology and a special breathable, water-resistant, acoustically-transparent fabric to further protect your investment. 

Because of our exclusive nano-coating capabilities and external treatments, you end up with an incredibly thin profile TV with natural viewing and sound capabilities, unlike that of TVs that are "weatherproofed" by putting them in a sealed box, at a much more affordable price. 

Proudly hand-crafted in the u.s.a

All Sealoc TVs, remote controls, audio/visual components and electronics are proudly hand-crafted, nano-coated and weatherproofed in our manufacturing facility in McKinney, TX.