How does our weatherproofing work?

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Sealoc's exclusive conformal nano-coating

Protect delicate and sensitive electronics and other surfaces with Sealoc’s exclusive anti-corrosion, waterproofing conformal nano-coating process.

Sealoc has spent nearly a decade perfecting our conformal nano-coating formulas to work with dozens of various surface types,such as printed circuit boards, metallic surfaces, polymers, semiconductors, ceramics, glass, paper pulps, fabrics and more.


Sealoc’s variety of conformal nano-coating treatments create a virtually-invisible, durable, microscopic layer that protects virtually every surface type against corrosive products and environments such as water, moisture, humidity, dust, salt-fog, salt-air, acidic products, petrochemical products and more.

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  • IP68 dust and waterproof

  • Makes electrical contact through the barrier coating

  • Resists water, dust, salt-air and many chemicals

  • Non-flammable

  • Ecologically and human-health friendly

  • Flexible and vibration resistant

Water penetrates electronic components and destroys unprotected parts.




Water is unable to penetrate electronic components. Our exclusive nano-coating prevents water damage from occurring.

Superhydrophobic Conformal Nano-Coating

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​Unlike less-expensive and less-effective topical coatings, Sealoc’s exclusive conformal nano-coating process creates a microscopic surface layer that is applied via a specialized, full-immersion process. This creates a superhydrophobic, conformal nano-barrier across and within the entire product—without the need for masking connection points. This nano-barrier creates a protective 100° positive contact angle for water and liquids, insuring they cannot adhere to the surface. This safeguards components from short-circuits, corrosion, or electrical fouling. Unlike traditional coating materials, Sealoc’s conformal nano-coating solution is permanently adhered to all surfaces, thus allowing electrical connection points to function normally, and circuitry to ventilate, reducing the likelihood of premature PCB failure due to overheating.


Sealoc’s nano-coating solutions are both ecologically and human friendly. Both ROHS and REACH compliance ensures that it does not have hazardous chemicals that can impact human health or the environment.

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