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Our Exclusive Solution


(verb weth-er-lok; adjective weth-er-lok; noun weth-er-lok)

Definition of weatherloc™

the proprietary process developed by sealoc, by which sensitive electronics and other outdoor products are shielded from weather, adverse elements, and corrosive environments - thereby expanding products lifespan, enhancing experience, and positively impacting economic ROI.

weatherproof is not enough,
weatherloc™ is the is the trusted solution.

to properly ensure your outdoor products maximize their lifespan, use
weatherloc™ technology.


   Proprietary nano coating
   Engineered to withstand temperature range of -30°F to 140°F
   Thermal management
   Dynamic hydro management
   Hydrophobic, acoustically transparent, and atmospherically regulating
   World class component design manufacturing
•    Solution centric research and development
   Ecologically and economically friendly

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​Unlike less-expensive and less-effective topical coatings, sealoc’s exclusive weatherloc conformal nano-coating process creates a microscopic surface layer that is applied via a specialized, full-immersion process. This creates a superhydrophobic, conformal nano-barrier across and within the entire product—without the need for masking connection points.


This nano-barrier creates a protective 100° positive contact angle for water and liquids, insuring they cannot adhere to the surface. This safeguards components from short-circuits, corrosion, or electrical fouling.


Unlike traditional coating materials, sealoc’s weatherloc conformal nano-coating solution is permanently adhered to all surfaces, thus allowing electrical connection points to function normally, and circuitry to ventilate, reducing the likelihood of premature PCB failure due to overheating. 

Our weatherloc™ series of conformal nano-coating solutions offers customers a range of easy-to-apply PCB weatherproofing solutions to protect PCBs from accidental water damage, and up to IP65 
(immersion in water at 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes), and up to full barrier properties.


sealoc's nano-coating solutions are both ecologically and human friendly. Both ROHS and REACH compliance ensures that it does not have hazardous chemicals that can impact human health or the environment.

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