At Sealoc, we want you to get the best possible and safest outdoor entertainment experience possible

Lanai vs. Coastal TVs

At Sealoc, we strive to make the very finest outdoor TVs in the world, at the lowest possible price. There is, however, a big difference between our Lanai TVs and our Coastal TVs. Please read carefully so that you get the most value and protection you need for your outdoor experience. 

Sealoc Lanai TVs

Lanai Gold Collage.png

Sealoc's Lanai series of outdoor TVs are designed to be installed under cover, such as a patio with a full roof over it. Our Lanai TVs feature our exclusive conformal nano-coating treatment that allow them to deal with high humidity, extreme temperatures, and dust.


Sealoc Lanai  TVs are NOT designed to have water, rain or other liquids on them in any way whatsoever. Please ensure that your Lanai TV is installed under-cover and rain, water or other liquids (e.g. misters, sprinklers, etc.) cannot get to the TV. 

Sealoc Coastal TVs

Coastal Silver Collage.png

Sealoc's Coastal series of outdoor TVs are designed to deal with the elements. Our Coastal TVs feature our exclusive conformal nano-coating treatment and an additional series of treatments that allow them to be exposed to rain, snow, high humidity, extreme temperatures, and dust.

Sealoc Coastal TVs are NOT waterproof. Do NOT submerge your Sealoc Coastal TV. Do not use power washers or high pressure water to clean your TV either.  


Your TV should be properly installed by a qualified installer to protect your investment, and your family.

Accordingly, you new Sealoc TV installation must fall within the following guidelines: 

  • All TVs must be powered by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) outlet, with proper electrical grounding. GFCI outlets must be rated for outdoor use.

  • All TVs must be plugged into a surge protector that is rated for your area in order to protect your TV from power surges. Please note a power strip is not a surge protector.
  • Do NOT plug the TV into surge-protected / GFCI power within ten (10) feet of any water source.
  • Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment will void the warranty. 

  • Do not lay power cords on the ground where water may have access to it or become tripping hazards. Follow local codes and laws for proper outdoor installation of electrical devices.

  • Sealoc TVs are not to be submerged in water or any other liquid.

  • Sealoc TVs must not be cleaned with a power washer or any high pressure systems.

  • Sealoc TVs must be installed with adequate mounting brackets and must be installed in a manner so that the bottom of the TV is horizontally plumb. The TV must not be mounted in a way where the TV rotates upwards into a horizontal / lay-flat manner, or mounted upside down. This will immediately void the warranty.

  • Do not operate any Sealoc Outdoor products during the following weather conditions: Rain, electrical storm, dust storm, tornado or hurricane. During extreme weather conditions unplug the TV and bring it inside. During a rain or electrical storms, unplug the TV from the outlet as this will prevent the TV from receiving a power surge which will damage the TV beyond repair.

  • Sealoc TVs must be adequately ventilated. Do not cover or block any of the existing ventilation points (e.g. the bottom-firing speakers and/or the clamshell vent(s).

  • Do not spray water inside the vents or speaker openings as this will immediately void your warranty (and yes, we do have water contact sensors inside our TVs)

  • Do not mount your TV less than 2 feet off of the ground. Splashing water, dirt and mud can bounce up off of the ground during heavy rainstorms and get forced into the inside of the TV. This will also immediately void your warranty. 

  • Do not damage, pierce, cut or deform any exterior wrap material, gaskets or silicone caulking on the TV as this will void the warranty. Should damage happen to this, please contact us immediately. Sealoc will attempt to repair and save the damages. In some instances, there may be no cost to repair, except for shipping.

  • Do not remove the metal studs in the mounting holes or remove any gaskets or silicone in the mounting holes. This is to prevent water from entering the unit.

  • Do not remove the power plug from the back of the product. This has been secured in placed and weatherproofed. Doing so will immediately void the warranty.

  • When assembling a TV mount and installing it to your Sealoc TV, use the shortest set of screws possible (but ensure that at least 6 full threads are engaged) to ensure that mount is flush with the metal studs, and that longer screws do not penetrate into the interior of the TV.

  • Never place your TV above or near a fireplace, firepit, or other heat source as it will damage the product.

  • Sealoc Lanai, Hybrid, Hybrid Plus (Under-Cover) TVs are not made to withstand rain, they are protected for humidity protection only.

  • The AC or power surge should not be plugged within ten (10) feet of any water source or operating within the same distance.

  • All TVs and products must be installed in a GFCI outlet for ground and also be plugged into a surge protector rated for your area and outdoors to protect from power surges (It must be rated for outdoors).

Sealoc TV Cautions 

  • Do NOT operate any Sealoc Outdoor TV or product during the following:

    • Rain​

    • Electrical storm

    • Dust Storm

    • Hurricane

  • Do NOT expose yourself to any dangers that might occur, wait until the weather is safe and clear.