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Solving for extreme environments such as salt-water and salt-air environments on cruise ships, as well as volatile environments such as water and amusement parks is precisely what Sealoc is known for. 

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Offering high-bright, durable, outdoor displays isn't good enough for the hotel and hospitality industry, and Sealoc knows this. Hotels and hospitality centers require a Pro:Idiom / DRM (digital rights management) solution as well. Sealoc ProLoc indoor and outdoor displays deliver on this promise regularly, along with an industry-best warranty. 


Sealoc offers two families of hotel and hospitality display options:

  • ProLoc nano-treated display: Utilizing the venerable, respected and high-quality LG commercial series of TVs and displays, rich with LG's feature set such as Pro:Idion content management.

  • ProLoc:4K and ProLoc:Lux displays: replete with extremely high-bright displays, built in a tough, yet sleek design. 

With over 100 model sizes to choose from and packed rich features and options, Sealoc's line of hospitality displays are the right solution for your outdoor digital content needs.

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The cruise is challenged with creating the most enjoyable environment possible. Drawing passengers with innovative, creative entertainment solutions. Outdoor TVs are yet another way you can entertain your guests and Sealoc has a recipe for designing outdoor displays that can handle the worst possible environment - wet, highly corrosive salt-air. Trust Sealoc with durable, high-bright, vibrant outdoor displays to entertain your passengers and set your cruise line apart from the competition.


From indoor stateroom TVs designed to give years of worry-free service, to extreme bright outdoor displays, Sealoc offers hundreds of model and model sizes to choose from. 

Indoor stateroom TVs

Sealoc's exclusive conformal nano-coating solution is designed to help protect the internal sensitive electronics from harsh, humid, salt-air conditions. 

Outdoor Displays

Designed specifically for the cruise line industry, Sealoc's ProLoc family of outdoor displays are built to last. 

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Amusement parks can be an unforgiving environment - from splashes and spills, to bright sunlight conditions, to accidental bumps and bangs from excited guests. Sealoc's ProLoc line of displays are designed to protect your investment with years of worry-free service regardless of the environment. Our exceptionally high-bright displays are specifically designed to combat the bright sun, are built to withstand challenging environments, and yet have a modern, sleek and progressive style to them to help your park differentiate itself from your competition. 


Commercial durability meets sleek design. With Sealoc's ProLoc line of commercial, high-bright displays, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for longevity. 

With many models and sizes to choose from, our outdoor, weatherproof ProLoc commercial displays will provide you with many years of worry-free service all while delivering a bright, beautiful, vibrant picture and crystal clear sound. 

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With rogue cannonballs, constant splashing, spilled drinks and heavy rain, most water parks have avoided outdoor TVs and displays. However, Sealoc has a solution for this - the ProLoc line of exceptionally high-bright outdoor displays that are designed to withstand difficult environments like a water park. You can rest assured that your investment will be protected with years of worry-free service. 

Bright enough to combat the sun, strong enough to take on bangs and bumps, and water / weather resistant to ensure these displays last for many years.  

With many models and sizes to choose from, our outdoor, weatherproof ProLoc commercial displays will deliver a bright, beautiful, vibrant picture and crystal clear sound. 

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