The EcoView

A New Era in Outdoor TVs

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Never before has the world seen an outdoor TV like this.


The all-new Sealoc EcoView is a beautifully designed outdoor TV that is perfect for your shaded or covered area, but tough enough to deal with the worst weather conditions – rain, snow, freezing temperatures, salty-air, dusty environments and scorching temperatures.

  • Economical

  • Ecological

  • Stunning

  • Brighter

  • Tougher

  • Reliable

  • Economical - Priced at just $2,299, the Sealoc EcoView is the most economically priced outdoor TV in its class. The EcoView is packed with features only found on more expensive models and designed to last for many, many years, making your investment the most economical choice in outdoor TVs.  

  • Ecological - The EcoView is ecologically friendly, designed to last many, many years even in the worst environments. All components are Class A or higher, over 90% of the EcoView is recyclable , and it exceeds Energy Star requirements, drawing as little as 0.4 watts of energy. With its robust, long-lasting design, this equates to fewer pollutants in landfills. 

  • Stunning - The EcoView features a beautifully designed edge-to-edge glass screen and a sleek profile. The Class A, LG LCD panel features 4K Ultra High Definition resolution and IPS viewing technology which produces a stunning, cinematic picture with bright, rich colors. The EcoView looks as pleasant inside your home, as it does outside. 

  • Brighter - At 1,000+ Nits of brightness, the EcoView™ is more than twice as bright as the competition, more than three times as bright as an indoor TV and produces a beautiful, vivid 4K UHD picture in shaded, high ambient light areas, and infrequent sunny conditions.

  • Tougher - Built to withstand the harshest of environment and the most active outdoor settings, the EcoView is as tough as it is handsome. Built to IP65 weatherproof standards the EcoView can withstand the hardest of rains, and the dustiest environment. The 3mm tempered glass with fragment-retention film meets IK9 impact standards, protecting it from hard impacts and vandalism.

  • Reliable - From the inside - out, the EcoView is designed to last for many, many years in the worst of environments. Utilizing Sealoc's unique conformal coating, the sensitive circuitry can withstand harsh environments including  salt-air. Class A LG LCD panels, German engineered brushless, twin-ball bearing cooling fans, aircraft-grade aluminum body and Phillips Class A LED backlighting all equates to a stunning, tough, reliable and ecological outdoor TV. The EcoView also comes standard with an industry-best 2-year warranty, with an optional 3-year warranty.

Sealoc EcoView Back Media Bay with Remot

The EcoView - Key Features

  • Media Bay: The EcoView features a sizable media bay large enough to hold media players, multiple smart TV streaming devices and multiple cables.

  • Ambient Light Sensor: Automatically adjusts brightness to match ambient lighting conditions, which improves power consumption, optimizes viewing experience both during the day and at night and extends the lifespan of the display. 

  • Lightweight Aluminum Body: Aircraft-grade aluminum makes the EcoView lighter than comparable outdoor TVs, making installation far easier. 

  • Stereo Sound: Unlike some competitors outdoor TVs, the EcoView comes standard with 2 10 watt, marine grade speakers. 

  • Field Serviceable Design: Unlike other outdoor TVs, the EcoView is designed to be quickly repaired, on-site by qualified technicians. 

  • 2 Year Warranty: The EcoView comes with an industry-best 2 year warranty, with an option for an extended 3-year warranty. 

General  Specifications

  • Weatherproof: IP65

  • LCD Panel: LG IPS Class A

  • Resolution: 4K Ultra High Def

  • Brightness: 1,000+ Nits

  • Orientation: Landscape

  • View Angle: 178° all directions

  • Impact Protection: IK9

  • Internal Protection: Conformal

  • Body: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

  • Operating Temps: -4° to +122°F

  • Energy Star (3 W) - 0.4 Watts

  • Auto-Dimming: Yes (100% - 30%)

Inputs & Outputs

  • HDMI Inputs: 2x

  • VGA Input: 1x

  • Line Out: 1x

  • USB Power: 2x

  • Power: 120-240V (Auto switch)

  • Display Port Inputs: 2x

  • RS232: 1x

  • Line In: 1x

  • Speakers: 2x 10W, Marine-Grade

  • Remote: 1x, programmable