AVPro Edge & Sealoc Weatherproof Extenders and Matrix Switchers

Large - Sealoc Weatherproof

Protecting delicate electronics with Sealoc's nano-coating solution creates a virtually invisible, durable, waterproofing protective layer that works specially with AVPro Edge's own computer boards and components. The nano-coating creates a tough barrier on circuitry that encapsulates the electronic components which protects against water, moisture, humidity, dust, salt-air and corrosion of various types.

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We do more than coat AVPro Edge's extenders with our nano-coating. We also ensure the chassis is sealed correctly with extensive testing:

  • Testing overarching effectiveness of our nano fluid treatement.

  • Testing on the receiver units was done as hybrid applications meaning outdoor, covered, and in full direct rain situations.

  • Testing for environments with heat, humidity, salt fog, rainfall, and more.

  • Rated IPX68

The rain fall testing had the most significant impact on the functionality of the units. All control units failed immediately when the water was turned on.

A significant portion of protection is a coating made from a nano fluid developed explicitly for electronic boards. Ensure you have the tools to extend the life of installations in harsher conditions.

  • Non-flammable

  • Anti-corrosive / Corrosion-preventing

  • IPX67 and IPX68 water/dust proof

  • Conformal coating thickness: 0.00011"

  • Resists humidity, water, dust, salt-air, and many chemicals

  • Makes electrical contact through the barrier coating

  • Extremely flexible & vibration resistant

  • ROHS and REACH compliant

Use AVPro Edge's Sealoc sealed extenders in these applications:

  • Outdoor projectors

  • Outdoor televisions

  • Area's with high humidity

  • Dirty racks that are not checked on/or cleaned often

  • Outdoor digital signage

  • Area's prone to a lot of dust

  • New construction where there is a lot of sheet rock and saw dust

Available Models with Sealoc Weatherproofing:

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The AC-EX70-444-RNE

Receiver for AVPro Edge's

Matrix Switchers


Resized - AC-EX40-444-KIT-SEA angle1.png

The AC-EX40-444-KIT

HDBaseT point to point

40 Meter 4K Extender Kit