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Weatherproofed from the inside out. Our ProLoc Displays offer exceptionally low weight and super-thin profiles that allows maximum flexibility in mounting options. Impervious to humidity, high heat, extreme colds, salt-air and more.

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  • Sealoc weatherproof TVs aren't placed in a box.

  •  Meaning you get less glare, a brighter picture and better natural viewing.


  • With a Sealoc outdoor, weatherproof TV, your shows will stand out with brilliant, rich colors, realistic details and high refresh rates, giving you the ultimate expression of cinema-quality experience.

  • Our TVs are not mounted in a bulky box, allowing for exceptional viewing angles.


  • Sealoc outoor TVs offer Smart TV features to take your lifestyle experience to a new level.

  • Take advantage of features such as shows, movies, streaming, video games, apps, web surfing, social media and much more.


  • Sealoc TVs offer the slimmest profile available with our "No-Box" design.

  • Our competitors solve the weatherproofing problem by sealing the TV inside a bulky box which increases heat, causes fogging, adds weight and impedes your viewing experience.

  • Sealoc TV's are treated on the inside and outside which allows us to completely weatherproof our TVs while keeping the thin profile design. Enjoy your outdoor lifestyle naturally, like its meant to be.



  • Seloc weatherproof outdoor TVs are designed and built to work in all lighting conditions - from bright, sunny conditions to total darkness. One TV does it all.

  • Our competitor's TVs are only designed to work in certain lighting conditions, requiring you to potentially purchase multiple, expensive TVs to suit changing situations - not so with Sealoc outdoor TVs.

  • Sealoc weatherproof outdoor TVs offer brilliant, bright and vivid pictures that work well in all lighting situations.

Competitor's TVs

Sealoc TVs

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  • Seloc outdoor and weatherproof TVs offer crystal clear audio, delivering rich highs, mids and low frequencies.

  • Our competitors place their TVs inside a sealed box that muffles the sound. You're left with the choice of living with unnatural audio, or purchasing external speakers at an added cost.

  • We weatherproof our TVs from the inside, out. We start with patented nano-coating technology which allows us to treat all of the critical areas, including the TVs speakers.

  • Listen to your favorite game or movie outdoors like you are supposed to hear it, with crystal clear audio.

Competitor's Displays

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Competitor's TV speakers inside a sealed box

Sealoc Displays

Sealoc TV speakers offer natural, crisp and clear audio