Sealoc Coastal Series of weatherproof TVs are perfect for your full exposure outdoor oasis

Full Exposure - Weatherproof

The Sealoc Coastal Series of Weatherproof Outdoor TVs are made to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions.

Perfect for sunny areas that are unprotected. Crafted using our exclusive patented nano-coating technology to protect the internal circuitry. We then take the extra steps to protect the outside of the TV.  Fully weatherproofed from the inside out.

Made to withstand full exposure to the most extreme temperatures and conditions, including salt-air, humidity, snow and rain.

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Disclaimer - Sealoc Coastal TVs are crafted to be fully exposed to direct rain, salt-air, humidity and extreme temperatures. Not every TV is bright enough to combat the brightness of the sun. We recommend using a full-motion mount to rotate the TV away from direct sunlight depending on time of day.

Every Sealoc TV needs to be plugged into a GFCI and surge protector. Failure to do so will void our warranty.