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Sealoc Hybrid Plus Series

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  • Samsung TV covered into an Outdoor patio TV

  • 4K quality giving you 4X the resolution of HD

  • Smart TV with built in apps

  • Nano-Coated internal for protection from humidity, moisture, and salt air conditions.

  • Most affordable outdoor TV in the market for your covered patio area.

  • Fan-Less outdoor TV. (Fans are outdated technology)




The Sealoc Hybrid Series is a Samsung 4K TV that is treated internally with a Nano-Coating solution called SEALOC-it that protects the boards inside from humidity, moisture, and corrosion.

when not needing a fully weatherized outdoor TV and wanting to

The Sealoc Hybrid is a normal Samsung 4K TV but now features the SEALOC-it formula that protects the unit from high humidity and moisture. This is achieved by Nano-Coating the components at IPX67 rating that is considered waterproof at this point.

The Sealoc Hybrid Outdoor TV is perfect for your covered outdoor patio without over spending and still able to enjoy the outdoors without worries.

The Sealoc outdoor TV has the Samsung 4K color drive with colors that are both vibrant and pure that will deliver a realistic experience for your enjoyment.

The Sealoc Hybrid also comes with Samsung’s HDR Pro so you can experience a wide range of colors and contrast on a whole new level, and allowing you to clearly distinguish the transition from dark to light.

Each Sealoc Hybrid delivers 4K clarity viewing experience with UHD resolution. This means more pixels that full HD giving you 4X the resolution to you can clearly see the difference.

Every Sealoc Hybrid comes with the Samsung Smart Hub feature that allows you to easily play all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, music, and games right from the TV.

So when shopping for an outdoor TV that your only going to be using under a covered patio but want that outdoor TV protection from humidity, moisture and corrosion, its no wonder why many are choosing to go with a Hybrid versus a fully weatherized outdoor TV.

keep the cost low enough, but with maximize protection, the Sealoc Hybrid is perfect for your covered patio or indoors.

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