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Sealoc 4K Series

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  • Samsung 4k TV converted for outdoors

  • IPX67 waterproofed internally eliminates humidity, and moisture

  • Fan-Less Outdoor TV (Fans are outdated technology)

  • All Seasons Rated Outdoor TV




The Sealoc 4K Series outdoor TV is a Samsung 4K TV converted into an outdoor TV that is made for direct or indirect rain, and can handle high heat and low temperatures.

Each Sealoc 4K outdoor TV is fully taken apart and all the inner components are treated  with the Nano-Coating solution called SEALOC-it that is IPX67 that is rated as waterproof. Once done the TV is protected from the inside and covered on the outside but still keeping the same look as a normal TV. In most cases many people cant tell if the TV treated and protected giving the appearance of a normal TV but capable of handling direct rain.

Each Sealoc 4K outdoor TV comes with rich colors of 4K detail that are both vibrant and pure, giving you a realistic experience. This unit also has the latest trend for outdoor home entertainment with 4K HDR Pro, an experience with wide range of colors and contrast letting you to clearly distinguish the transition from dark to light. With the 4K quality is no wonder why your getting more pixels than full HD meaning you’re getting 4X the resolution so you’ll clearly see the difference.

With the Samung Smart Hub installed its easy to find and play all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and music including Pandora on the new Sealoc 4K outdoor TV.

So when needing an outdoor TV without loud fans and still needing a low priced, slim look as a normal TV but that can handle the outdoors, you can clearly see why the Sealoc 4K series is the best to own for any home or business.



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