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Installing a SEALOC Outdoor TV or Product


When purchasing a SEALOC Outdoor TV, we want you to able to experience the most of your purchase. Saying that we want you to properly install a SEALOC product or any outdoor electronic in a manner that will protect you, your family, friends and possessions.


The AC or power surge should not be plugged within ten (10) feet of any water source or operating within the same distance.

All TVs and products must be installed in a GFCI outlet for ground and also be plugged into a surge protector rated for your area and outdoors to protect from power surges (It must be rated for outdoors).

Sealoc Outdoor TV Installation Warning

Do not operate any SEALOC Outdoor TV or product during the following: Rain, electrical storm, dust storm, hurricane. Do not expose yourself to any dangers that might occur, wait until the weather is safe and clear.

Note: Please note a power strip bar is not a surge protector