About Sealoc and What Makes Us Unique


Our conformal coating that we are using is considered by many to be the ultimate conformal coating for protection of electronic devices, and components of TVs. The coating we use is unique in being created directly on the surface at room temperature. It is chemically stable and makes and excellent barrier material, it also has excellent thermal endurance to protect from high heat or extreme coldness, making this high tensile strength.

Conformal Coating is a protective non-conductive dielectric layer that is applied onto the printed circuit board assembly to protect from damage due to contamination, salt spray, moisture, dust, and corrosion caused by extreme environments. Conformal coatings are usually used in products that are made for use in outdoor environments where heat and moisture are prevalent. Coating also prevents damage from thermal stress.  It also prolongs the life during its operation.

In the past our coating was only applied to military and life/medical products as the cost and the process was significantly higher per unit thus making products completely protected.  Today we are the only company in the US that will be allowed to protect your products from TVs to devices made for the home automation industry.

As electronic assemblies continue to become increasingly sophisticated and important aspects of both the functionality and reliability of modern equipment, it makes sense to have an abundant choice of conformal coating options to protect your home automation devices.