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 Amazing Smart Outdoor TVs for any home or busines

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Sealoc Outdoor TVs utilizes the latest in Nano-Coating Technology that coats, and protects the internal components from Humidity, Moisture, and corrosion. No spray in the world can cover areas that are a thousand times smaller than a human hair, this must be achieved by fully submerging every component and set in a vacuumed pressured gas to get into every area, even under the heat shield, this making the components fully IPX67 waterproof. This keeps the TV looking like a normal TV, with all the latest features that Samsung, and LG have when it comes to Smart Features. 



 Sealoc TVs are Ultra bright that have crisp and sharp colors that can be seen in sunlight.



Sealoc Outdoor TVs do not need fans.

Fans on outdoor TVs are considered outdated technology.

Actor: Joe Montegna – Criminal Minds

“THIS IS A REALLY COOL OUTDOOR TV” quoted Joe Montegna star of the hit TV series Criminal Minds. Sealoc has always had ma...

Actor: Richard Karn- Home Improvement

"I really like the Sealoc Outdoor TVs" is what was quoted by Richard Karn the Star of the hit TV series Home Improvement. Ric...
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